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A selection of 100 images from the archive can be seen here.  The whole collection of over 4,000 images can be seen at the Somerset Record Office

Photograph of Silver Jubilee parade. Ilminster.Photograph of Silver Jubilee parade....1935A\AQO/30/112
Photograph of Butts farm silver Jubilee. Ilminster.Photograph of Butts Farm silver...1935A\AQO/30/114
Photograph of East Street. Ilminster.Photograph of East Street. Ilminster.1935A\AQO/30/25
Photograph of Butts Castle decorated for Coronation . Ilminster.Photograph of Butts Castle decorated...1937A\AQO/30/2149
Photograph of Silver Street. IlminsterPhotograph of Silver Street. Ilminster.1937A\AQO/30/2091
Photograph of Victory tea party on Strawberry Bank. Ilminster.Photograph of Victory tea party on...1945A\AQO/30/2218a
Photograph of floods in Ditton Street. Ilminster.Photograph of floods in Ditton Street....1947A\AQO/30/2286
Photograph of a two carriage passenger train arriving at the station. Ilminster.Photograph of a two carriage passenger...1950A\AQO/30/2208
Photograph of  Ilminster railway station. Ilminster.Photograph of Ilminster railway...1950A\AQO/30/2209
Photograph of Red Cross team before leaving for Coronation duty at Marble Arch, London. Ilminster.Photograph of Red Cross team in...1953A\AQO/30/2601