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A selection of 100 images from the archive can be seen here.  The whole collection of over 4,000 images can be seen at the Somerset Record Office

Photograph of the recreation ground. Ilminster.Photograph of the recreation ground....1975A\AQO/30/195
Photograph of East Street. Ilminster.Photograph of East Street. Ilminster.c.1890'sA\AQO/30/20
Photograph of Sunday School Whitsun parade. Ilminster.Photograph of Sunday School Whitsun...1923A\AQO/30/2038
Photograph looking at Market House. Ilminster.Photograph looking at Market House....c.1925A\AQO/30/2057
Photograph of Silver Street. IlminsterPhotograph of Silver Street. Ilminster.1937A\AQO/30/2091
Photograph of East Street looking west. IlminsterPhotograph of East Street looking west....c.1916A\AQO/30/2127
Photograph of lodge gates and private drive to Dillington House. Ilminster.Photograph of lodge gates and private...c.1900A\AQO/30/2128
Photograph of Ilminster Grammar School. Ilminster.Photograph of Ilminster Grammar School....c.1900A\AQO/30/212a
Photograph of Royal Oak Cross. Ilminster.Photograph of Royal Oak Cross....c.1905A\AQO/30/2141
Photograph of Market Square. Ilminster.Photograph of Market Square. Ilminster.c.1914A\AQO/30/2143