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A selection of 100 images from the archive can be seen here.  The whole collection of over 4,000 images can be seen at the Somerset Record Office

Photograph of Fire Station, Butts Road. Ilminster.Photograph of Fire Station, Butts Road....2001A\AQO/30/3736
Photograph of Co-Op store, Cornhill. Ilminster.Photograph of Co-op store, Cornhill....2001A\AQO/30/3746
Photograph of Mayor Mary Hodge in front of beacon, V E Day. IlminsterPhotograph of Mayor Mary Hodge in front...1995A\AQO/30/2788
Photograph of old canal with Grammar school pavilion beyond. Ilminster.Photograph of old canal with Grammar...1988A\AQO/30/2216
Photograph of Dillington House. Ilminster.Photograph of Dillington House....1983A\AQO/30/3140
Photograph of Market House after restoration. Ilminster.Photograph of Market House after...1981A\AQO/30/490
Photograph of carnival entry 'Aquarius'. Ilminster.Photograph of carnival entry...1978A\AQO/30/247a
Photograph of Triangle Carnival Club's entry, 'Boy King'. Ilminster.Photograph of Triangle Carnival Club's...1978A\AQO/30/248
Photograph of the recreation ground. Ilminster.Photograph of the recreation ground....1975A\AQO/30/195
Photograph of Springfield Carnival Club's winning entry, 'Pegasus'. Ilminster.Photograph of Springfield Carnival...1974A\AQO/30/246