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A selection of 100 images from the archive can be seen here.  The whole collection of over 4,000 images can be seen at the Somerset Record Office

Photograph of the Royal Oak, Ditton Street, Ilminster.Photograph of the Royal Oak, Ditton...c.1914A\AQO/30/503
Photograph of Market Square. Ilminster.Photograph of Market Square. Ilminster.c.1914A\AQO/30/2143
Photograph of hay making  in the ridge [Station Road] wilderness. Ilminster.Photograph of hay making in the ridge...c.1912A\AQO/30/2694
Photograph of view south of the Beacon. Ilminster.Photograph of view south of the Beacon....c.1912A\AQO/30/3703
Photograph of Dr Maidlow with his 10/12 hp Humber and Straker Squire outside his garage at Silver Street. Ilminster.Photograph of Dr Maidlow with his 10/12...c.1910A\AQO/30/3177
Photograph of horse and hayrake with wagon of hay. Ilminster.Photograph of horse and hayrake with...c.1910A\AQO/30/2189
Photograph outside The George Hotel, Ilminster.Photograph outside The George Hotel,...c.1910A\AQO/30/4
Photograph of East Street. Ilminster.Photograph of East Street. Ilminster.c.1910A\AQO/30/522
Photograph of carriage and groom outside Silver Street solicitors office. Ilminster.Photograph of carriage and groom...c.1908A\AQO/30/3193
Photograph of The George Hotel, Ilminster.Photograph of The George Hotel,...c.1905A\AQO/30/3