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A selection of 100 images from the archive can be seen here.  The whole collection of over 4,000 images can be seen at the Somerset Record Office

Photograph of group in charabanc driven by Reg PattenPhotograph of group in charabanc driven...c.1929A\AQO/30/2636
Photograph of staff of Ilminster Gas Co. in horse and cart. Ilminster.Photograph of staff of Ilminster Gas...c.1925A\AQO/30/550
Photograph looking at Market House. Ilminster.Photograph looking at Market House....c.1925A\AQO/30/2057
Photograph of road mending gang with steamroller. Ilminster.Photograph of road mending gang with...c.1920A\AQO/30/896
Photograph of first motorised fire engine. Ilminster.Photograph of first motorised fire...c.1920A\AQO/30/975
Photograph of Cowles grocery shop. Ilminster.Photograph of Cowles grocery shop....c.1920A\AQO/30/2296
Photograph of East Street. Ilminster.Photograph of East Street. Ilminster.c.1920A\AQO/30/520
Photograph of the staff and shop of R.P Wheadon. Ilminster.Photograph of the staff and shop of R.P...c.1920A\AQO/30/71
Photograph of haymaking at Bartletts Farm. Isle Brewers.Photograph of haymaking at Bartletts...c.1920A\AQO/30/2970
Photograph of East Street looking west. IlminsterPhotograph of East Street looking west....c.1916A\AQO/30/2127