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A selection of 100 images from the archive can be seen here.  The whole collection of over 4,000 images can be seen at the Somerset Record Office

Photograph of East Street. Ilminster.Photograph of East Street. Ilminster.1889A\AQO/30/26
Photograph of firemen on horse drawn fire engine. Ilminster.Photograph of firemen on horse drawn...1896A\AQO/30/262
Photograph of GWR Ilminster Station staff. Ilminster.Photograph of GWR Ilminster Station...1902A\AQO/30/3559
Photograph of Market Square. Ilminster.Photograph of Market Square. Ilminster.1904A\AQO/30/2762
Photograph of looking South into Ditton Street. Ilminster.Photograph of looking South into Ditton...1905A\AQO/30/3624a
Photograph of the Minster. Ilminster.Photograph of the Minster. Ilminster.1905A\AQO/30/2146
Photograph of the Minster interior. Ilminster.Photograph of the Minster interior....1906A\AQO/30/2147
Photograph of the maypole at Conservative Fete at Jordans. Ilminster.Photograph of the maypole at...1906A\AQO/30/868
Photograph of Boys Brigade leading a Whitsun parade. Ilminster.Photograph of Boys Brigade leading a...1906A\AQO/30/454
Photograph of Sunday School parade. Ilminster.Photograph of Sunday School parade....1906A\AQO/30/37